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3 Security Assessment Steps that Enterprise-Sized Businesses Should Take Now

Enterprise-sized businesses have been targeted by hackers since the early days of the web, but with the exponential growth of valuable assets that are being virtualized on a daily basis, attempts to compromise and gain entry to these networks are becoming more frequent and increasingly sophisticated. Due to the constant threat of risk to their networks, enterprises need to appraise rapidly evolving security issues both inside and outside their operations. Here are three security assessments that should be taken now as well as on a regular basis to stay ahead of the latest threats, block intrusion attempts, and minimize the damage of a successful attack.
* Develop an inventory of online assets – Building an inventory of online assets, as well as their location, storage and transmission profiles, can help to define what needs to be protected, network weaknesses, and actions that must be prioritized if a breach occurs. 
* Develop an assessment of risks to the network – This assessment should include risks that exist beyond the scope of cyber attacks by outside parties. Additional assessments should include “Bring your own device” (BYOD) security measures, encrypted communications, data recovery, etc.
* Develop a series of action plans – After assessing online assets and inherent risks, develop the action plans necessary to address network weaknesses as well as the protocols that will be followed for specific types of breaches, loss of data instances, and other network-related issues.        
This three step security assessment will yield benefits both in terms of addressing the weaknesses of an enterprise’s network and in mitigating the losses in the event of a breach. By developing a cache of intelligence on where a network is most vulnerable as well as detailed protocols for taking action, an enterprise can both fortify defenses and react to an intrusion, should one occur, in the most efficient manner possible.     

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