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How to Make Sure You are Outsourcing Your Help Desk Services to the Right Organization

The difference in the types of calls that can be fielded by a help desk can vary widely depending on the business model as well as the target market of each company. One of the keys to successfully outsourcing your company’s help desk is to make sure that the people who are answering the phones are fluent in the different nuances that can exist between one category of customers and another.
Here are two additional steps that can help to make sure that the outsourcing solution you choose is the best one for your business:
* Define the types of people that will be contacting your help desk – If you don’t have an onsite IT department, one category of caller could likely be your own employees. Additional categories will depend on whether your products are targeting business to business (B2B) customers or retail consumers (B2C). Be aware that outsourced help desk providers may be much stronger at catering to the needs of one type of category versus another.
* Define exactly what you want from your outsourced help desk – Again, some outside providers will be better at certain activities than others. One example of an activity that might work well with one group and not so well with another would be the ability to upsell products and services. While this strength could result in additional sales in a B2C model, a strong upseller will likely be the wrong choice for B2B or internal calls. On the other hand, a help desk that specializes in one-call solutions might be the ideal choice for B2B and internal support.
These two steps can put the right people on your outsourced help desk. That, in turn, can improve your business’ productivity and your bottom line.

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