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6 Advantages of Remote IT Support

As businesses steadily increase their reliance on the web for communications, storage solutions, and other operations, keeping networks and infrastructure at peak performance levels has become a necessity. To manage these networks, businesses typically chose between maintaining an in-house IT staff or remote IT support. While both options have their benefits, there are several distinct advantages of outsourcing support. These advantages include:
* A lower cost structure – In-house employees require salaries, management, benefits and resources. Outsourcing IT to a remote help desk can deliver an extremely cost-effective alternative by replacing costs related to an in-house staff with flat rate billing or on an as needed basis.
* 24/7/365 availability and maintenance – Ecommerce sites are operational around the clock, which necessitates the availability of always on IT support. In this environment, should the network experience trouble in the off hours, waiting for the 9 to 5 workforce to return is simply not acceptable. With remote support, the process of dealing with network issues can be handled immediately to minimize damage and expense.
* Proactive maintenance – Remote IT support can monitor a network to prevent a variety of problems before they occur, whether by keeping antivirus software updated, monitoring the performance of hardware components, etc.  
* Breadth of experience – As the complexity of business networks escalates, maintaining an in-house staff that understands and has the capability to integrate new hardware, software, cloud-based applications, CRM systems, etc. will become increasingly difficult and expensive. Remote IT support, on the other hand, can deliver on call experience for the full spectrum of network issues ranging from engineering to synchronizing software interfaces.
* Resource access – Much like the key benefit of cloud computing, a remote help desk may enable access to network resources that would not otherwise be affordable.
* Disaster recovery – Statistically speaking, companies that lose data due to a disaster have a better than even chance of going out of business within six months of the event. Remote IT support can set up automatic backup and recovery processes to ensure that critical data can be recovered quickly via off-site storage. 
Whether you are doing IT on your own or have an in-house staff, switching to remote IT support should be a consideration. With advantages including cost-effectiveness, 24 hour maintenance, broad experience, and disaster recovery, you can upgrade the overall performance of your business’ network while spending a lot less time and money.

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