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3 Common IT Outsourcing Mistakes

While outsourcing IT can deliver a number of benefits to businesses ranging in size from small to large, the process includes some commonly made mistakes in the allocation of services that can diminish results substantially. Here are three common IT outsourcing mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.
* Buying on price – The process of selecting the best company to support your company’s IT needs is a lot like almost everything else that your business will purchase; you get what you pay for. The reality here is that every company that is bidding for your IT business needs to make some sort of profit to keep their doors open. A service provider that can turn a profit on a substantially lower bid versus other firms has to cut corners somewhere, whether it’s done with non-certified technicians or a skeleton staff that won’t be able to get to a big IT issues for a few days. If a potential provider’s pitch focuses on pricing while minimizing service quality you’re probably looking at a big and possibly costly disappointment sooner or later.
* Buying a “fixer” – Different IT support providers will have different core competencies, ranging from fixing problems to others that can develop comprehensive timelines that will need to be followed to enable your company to grow at the fastest rate possible. While a company that can fix problems is a good thing, if that’s all they do it won’t be enough. Unlike your car, your company’s IT infrastructure will need to evolve as your business expands, which will require a support provider capable of anticipating needs, developing plans and then executing them to meet future demands.
* Minimizing communications with your provider after the outsourcing process is finished – IT systems, as well as your business, exist in dynamic environments where change occurs on a constant basis. Ensuring that your IT support provider continues to grow with your company will require constant communication from both sides to optimize opportunities and minimize potential problems. Remember, you’re outsourcing your company’s IT requirements, not abandoning them.
Outsourcing IT can deliver the kinds of benefits that can make the difference between exceeding objectives and constantly reaching for them. Optimizing these benefits is a matter of working with a provider of IT support that has the core competencies to maintain and evolve your company’s IT infrastructure to facilitate its growth over the long term.

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